The Hamilton & District Pharmacists Association Redesign

Who is the Hamilton &?District Pharmacists Association?

The Hamilton & District Pharmacists Association was created in 1977 to set and achieve the following goals: to improve the qualifications and standing of pharmacists; to promote a professional status for pharmacists; to provide an instructional and educational program for pharmacists and to hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of matters related to pharmacy.

What They Needed

The HDPhA executive team approached us with the task of updating their quite dated and confusingly structured website. They felt that the website, while containing all necessary information, was not doing a very good job of delivering that information to users, members and the public. In order to better represent their organization, a major redesign would be required.

What We Delivered

The site that we built for HDPhA was designed with accessibility and ease of use in mind. We made use of high contrast and big, clear typography to create a light, airy and legible look and feel. The integration of an ecommerce platform for their membership sales and renewals was also necessary, and we kept the appearance of the product pages cohesive with the overall feel of the site.

The hierarchy and arrangement of each individual page, and the information contained within, was carefully and strategically planned. In the new site, things are organized intuitively which creates a pleasant experience for new and existing users alike. Members are able to navigate quickly to events, resources and membership options, while public users can easily find supplementary information.


Overall, the site is clean, modern, functional and responsive.

Click here to view the new Hamilton & District Pharmacists Association site!