The Mitchell & Abbott Group Redesign

Who are the The Mitchell & Abbott Group?

The Mitchell & Abbott Group is a team of Insurance Brokers, Agents and Advisors in the Hamilton region. The group has accomplished much over the years, from being the chosen insurance broker of Canada’s largest coffee chain, to spearheading Insurance programs for Seniors. Through 3 generations of boom & bust times in the economy, the team at Mitchell & Abbott Group has always taken pride in not only providing quality insurance products, but in working in their community to support and provide for the betterment of all.

What They Needed

Following an initial analysis by Virtual Image, it was determined that nearly 30% of traffic to the Mitchell & Abbott Group site was originating from mobile devices. These findings represented a shift in the way their clients were accessing their content, and strongly suggested that a responsive redesign was in order.

What We Delivered

The VI design team got started right away on putting together a fresh and professional design for the new Mitchell & Abbott Group site. To ensure accessibility for differently abled individuals, multiple assistive features and technologies were built into the core functionality of the site. Key among these features is a site-wide font sizer, which allows each user to quickly and easily resize all type on each page to their preference. Contrast and ease of use were also prominent concerns when designing and building this site. Buttons, colours and highlights were carefully selected for their ability to enhance user experience.

With an approved design in hand, development was initiated. The Mitchell & Abbott Group web presence is quite extensive, so great care needed to be taken in order to ensure all of the features and functionality were transferred seamlessly to the new site. The turnover for this redesign was quite short, but the quality and completeness of the site did not suffer. The new Mitchell & Abbott Group site fosters inclusiveness and accessibility through it’s clean, modern and responsive appearance.



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