Who is Car Defender?

Car Defender is a company based out of Burlington, ON specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom automotive floor mats. Car Defender’s line of floor mat products are made of the highest quality materials to provide long lasting protection, style and comfort. Advanced 3D scanners are used to scan the footwell of your vehicle, allowing Car Defender to contour the mats for a perfect fit.

What They Needed

Our friends at Car Defender came to Virtual Image to help bring their vision to life. They were in need of a fast loading E-Commerce platform with an intuitive checkout experience where customers can visit and seamlessly order their custom luxury/premier car mats. The website needed to be very simple, straight to the point, and easy to manage.

What We Delivered

The Virtual Image team responded with sleek and simple design featuring an all-black background to ensure the text and images on the page stand out. High quality images of the car mats make the product jump out at the visitor, followed by numerous large and yellow call-to-action buttons that lead the user directly to the checkout process. The checkout process is very simple and is segmented into 3 steps. It includes a gallery with high quality images and a zoom feature, the mat options are laid out clearly, and the prices are bold and easy to read. We were also able to add Car Defender’s Instagram feed to the website as a Gallery! The website design is responsive, meaning it is optimized to adjust to any screen shape or size, whether it’s a desktop computer or a mobile phone, the experience should be pleasant for all users!