Carlisle Team

Who is Carlisle Dental Office?

The Carlisle Dental Office is a family-oriented, general dental practice located in the village of Carlisle. Dr. Kelly Rodgers and her team have been providing friendly, reliable dentistry services to residents of Carlisle and the surrounding areas for more than 15 years. The office performs all aspects of general dentistry, from children’s preventative care to implants for tooth replacement. They also work with numerous local dental specialists to ensure each patient receives all of the care they need.

What They Needed

Dr. Kelly Rodgers came to Virtual Image to develop a plan for a complete responsive website redesign. With a high percentage of users accessing her site from mobile platforms, a mobile first, fully responsive design would be essential. In addition to providing a fluid, pleasant experience for all users, the Carlisle Dental Office site needed to be search engine optimized in order to ensure it could be located and accessed quickly and conveniently by all new and existing clients. Finally, the redesign needed to reflect Carlisle Dental Offices’ innovation in the Dentistry industry by highlighting new services like Laser Dentistry, and new products like Invisalign.

Pediatric Dentistry Patient

What We Delivered

In order to meet the needs of Dr. Kelly Rodgers and the Carlisle Dental Office, the Virtual Image team organized and launched several separate projects.

Our first order of business, of course, was to execute a complete overhaul of the current site with a strong eye for mobile-first, responsive design. This was accomplished by incorporating elements of their previous site into a new, fresh looking design. This approach allowed us to maintain a consistent brand image without sacrificing the modern, responsive experience we had pledged to provide.

To wrap things up, we arranged a photoshoot with the entire Carlisle Dental Office team. This photoshoot allowed us to apply the new, modern aesthetic universally across the site. Obviously, the Carlisle Dental team was excited for the opportunity to be professionally captured from their best angles as well!

The new site is beautiful, modern and responsive. The clean, contemporary layout and design cater perfectly to the needs of the Carlisle Dental clientele.

View the Carlisle Dental Office website at: