Smordin Law Web Design

Who is Smordin Law?

Smordin Law specializes in criminal law. For over a decade, the lawyers at Smordin Law have been successfully defending cases in cities throughout Southern Ontario. In addition to criminal law representation, Smordin Law provides professional representation and services for Aboriginal clients, youths, and for clients with mental health issues. For professional defence, wherever you need it, contact Smordin Law.

What did Smordin Law Need?

Smordin Law needed a team of Hamilton web designers to create an impactful website that would rank well in search engine results. The web design needed to be unique and stand out among other Hamilton law firm websites that utilized the same, stale and stereotypical imagery (gavels, courtrooms, legal documents, etc).

The website needed to be fully responsive to accommodate all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It also needed to be editable by Smordin Law representatives since changes to the website’s content would need to be made on a regular basis.

What Virtual Image Delivered

Virtual Image created a unique, impactful, and effective website for Smordin Law. The web design accomplished Smordin’s goals of achieving a creative and unconventional law firm website. Large, artistic imagery was interspersed throughout the website, along with high quality images of Smordin’s office and lawyers. A simple and elegant colour scheme was chosen to complement and accentuate the Smordin Law brand.

The entire website was built on a custom-designed CMS platform, allowing Smordin representatives to be able to edit the website at any time. The website’s content was also structured to make the browsing experience as intuitive as possible. All of Smordin Law’s primary services are noticeable and easily accessible, and all legal documentation has been laid out in an interactive and appealing manner through the use of Boostrap accordions. The website also looks great and functions extremely well on all devices.

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