Recent Website Launch - RISE Speaking & Consulting

Who is RISE Speaking & Consulting?

Created by Randy Haveson, a 25 year veteran in the field of addiction recovery, RISE Speaking & Consulting is a full service speaking and consulting firm that helps businesses and schools better identify and deal with issues related to alcohol and other drug use, abuse, and addiction. RISE offers a comprehensive approach to alcohol and other drug issues by addressing four essential pillars: Recovery, Intervention, Support, and Education.

What did RISE Need?

Randy Haveson approached Virtual Image in Hamilton, Ontario with an idea for a company that could create a new generation of “Harm Reduction” programs. After Virtual Image’s initial creative brainstorming session, RISE Speaking & Consulting was born.

By choosing Virtual Image, RISE gained access to a comprehensive range of web design, web marketing, and corporate identity services. In order to accomplish all of RISE’s goals, all aspects of the campaign, including branding, print design, web design, and web development, needed to be efficient and consistent throughout the entire process.

What Virtual Image Delivered

After our initial meeting with Randy, we created a project breakdown that mapped out every aspect of the campaign. This breakdown included a full branding package, additional print design work, and custom web design and web development services.

Creating RISE’s corporate identity was Virtual Image’s first task. Without an effective and unique brand, RISE Speaking & Consulting would fall short of its goals. The first iterations of the RISE logo utilized a sunrise as the brand’s primary iconography. However, as the branding process progressed, Randy felt that the logo needed to have more of an impact when viewed for the first time. We scrapped the sunrise iconography and replaced it with a phoenix with outstretched wings. This phoenix, along with a dark navy and gold colour scheme, was used to associate feelings of empowerment and strength with the RISE brand.

Once a final version of the logo had been signed off on, we started producing the rest of the items in the branding package and in the additional print design package. The business card, letterhead, booth banner, and Randy’s one-sheet were all created using the same colour scheme and typography. We needed to ensure that everything that carried the RISE Speaking & Consulting logo was consistent with the overarching brand. A brand document was also created to outline all of RISE’s corporate identity specifications.

The web design process for RISE Speaking & Consulting was carried out with the intention of providing people of all ages and demographics with an impactful and intuitive online experience. RISE’s primary demographics are students, student organization leaders, and business executives, and the web designers at Virtual Image needed to create a website that appealed to this wide range of clientele.

A white, gold, and navy colour scheme was used to showcase the RISE brand, and large banner imagery was designed to deliver an impactful message to the viewer as soon as he or she visited the website. On the home page, a five column modular navigation system was developed to showcase RISE’s main services and intuitively take the visitor where they needed to go. Testimonials about RISE and Randy Haveson were also showcased in the website to provide the visitor with more insight into the RISE brand and to encourage them to learn more about RISE Speaking & Consulting.

Click here to view RISE Speaking & Consulting’s new website!