Bennett Website Redesign

Who is Bennett Mechanical?

Bennett Mechanical Installations is a fabrication, construction, and installation company specializing in the construction of Water and Wastewater treatment facilities for over 30 years. Bennett Mechanical Installations is particularly unique because they self-perform the majority of their work, specifically process mechanical and site works. Bennett Mechanical’s vision is to expand their position as a global leader in the construction of Water and Wastewater treatment facilities.

What did Bennett Mechanical Need?

Bennett Mechanical Installations came to the Virtual Image web designers in Hamilton, Ontario in need of a website redesign. The two groups within Bennett (“contracting” and “mechanical”) had become separate entities, and Bennett Mechanical decided to use this as an opportunity to refresh their brand and enhance their online presence.

Bennett Mechanical wanted a sleek and simple web design. They wanted the website to feel fresh and open, but they also needed to have enough content in the site in order to rank well in organic search engine results.

The aesthetics and the structure of the website needed to appeal to all demographics, with a specific focus on contractors. The website also needed to be fully responsive since people of all ages and demographics would be using it across a variety of devices.

What Virtual Image Delivered

Virtual Image took all of Bennett Mechanical’s ideas and goals into consideration when creating the new web design. Large and captivating imagery was used on all of the website’s pages to grab the viewer’s attention. Most of this imagery was taken directly from various Bennett Mechanical projects. Red and white “swooshes” were used to aesthetically reflect Bennett Mechanical’s specialization in the water and wastewater industries.

The website’s design is very simple and open in order to place a focus on the company’s work. Most of the website’s users will be visiting the site to see the projects that Bennett Mechanical has worked on, so these needed to be the front and centre. The simplicity of the web design also ensures that the browsing experience is simple and effective on all tablet and mobile devices.

Custom project galleries were incorporated into the website to showcase Bennett’s work. These galleries can be managed from a client-side, CMS system, ensuring that Bennett Mechanical employees can update their work whenever necessary.

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