Recent Web Design - Central Plumbing & Heating

Who is Central Plumbing & Heating?

Central Plumbing & Heating in Hamilton, Ontario is a family owned and operated plumbing and heating business that has been servicing Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, St. Catharines, and the surrounding regions for over 60 years. Central Plumbing’s fully bonded and certified plumbers and heating technicians specialize in providing full-service plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

What did Central Plumbing & Heating Need?

Central Plumbing & Heating needed a brand new website that would set them apart from their competition both in terms of website aesthetics and search engine ranking. The website had to be fully responsive to support all desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and the structure of the site had to be extremely intuitive so that viewers of all ages and demographics could easily find what they were looking for. The website also had to utilize a customized content management system (CMS) for client-side editing.

This was Central Plumbing & Heating’s first official introduction to the world wide web. The website needed to be impactful, memorable, and effective.

What Virtual Image Delivered

Central Plumbing & Heating provided us with a blank canvas for their new website, which we were thrilled about. After our initial meeting, we put a web design plan into action which focused primarily on search engine optimization (SEO) and website aesthetics.

The website design needed to be clean, simple, and modern in order for it to stand out among Central Plumbing & Heating’s competition. An impactful white, red, and charcoal colour scheme was chosen to compliment Central’s logo. Iconography was used throughout the website to reinforce brand consistency and to provide the user with modular navigation that would intuitively take them where they needed to go. These icons also allowed us to outline all of Central Plumbing & Heating’s main services and demographics in an appealing way.

The website’s structure was created with SEO as a top priority. Central Plumbing needed their website to rise through the ranks of Google’s search engine results as quickly as possible. We decided that the best way to achieve this was to create as many demographic and service-specific pages as possible. All of Central Plumbing & Heating’s services were broken down based on service, demographic, and industry, and the website’s structure was built based on this breakdown.

By structuring the website this way, Virtual Image was also able to utilize our in-house copywriting services to create unique, keyword-loaded content for all of Central’s services and demographics. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or industrial plumbing or HVAC services, Central’s new website will guide you to the appropriate page where you can find all of the information that you need.

Since the Central Plumbing & Heating website utilizes a brand new domain, it will take some time before Google starts allowing it to rise to the top of search engine results. However, the site is already being indexed extremely well, and we look forward to the day when it reaches that top spot!

Click here to view Central Plumbing & Heating’s new website!